Thursday, June 27, 2013

While Josh Is Away... the Wife Will Paint?

Happy almost Friday everyone!  This week has been an exciting week for us!  We got our first pick of the garden!!  Three green peppers and one cucumber!  We had the peppers in spaghetti and quesadillas and the cucumber in a salad last night!  

As you can guess from the title, Josh has been to Atlanta again for work since my last post....  So I painted not one but two whole rooms!  The first is the bedroom.  I themed it after the Grove Park Inn Spa, I have only been once and it was the most amazing thing ever!  I have done zero decorating and I still need curtains but I thought I would share some pictures of the colors that I choose!  Josh really liked them, and yes he approved the colors!!!

I love the way it turned out!!!!  Exactly what I imagined and it has such a modern feel to it, it just makes me happy to be in the room!!!  With decor and curtains it is going to look awesome!  So I said two rooms the other is my bathroom!  I had already painted my bathroom once before and Josh said he didn't like it once it was painted and it didn't reflect my personality...  Of course I have no before picture, but it was a color called pear just a light creamy color nothing really to it.  I had a mostly plain brown shower curtain and some leaf paintings hanging over the toilet.  Very very simple.  Now it is bright and reflects me more and I absolutely love it!!!!  Yes Josh approved the color and the shower curtain believe it or not.  I still have to get some decor for this room as well.  I am thinking two black shelves over the toilet and I found two awesome pictures at Target that I am going to get next time I go!  They match the old glamour look I am going for!

So I did this over all three days!  Saturday I spend the day with my sister and her kids and babysit while they went out to dinner!  In return she helped me recover my cushions for the back porch!  They are not completely finished yet so maybe next week they will be done we will see!!!  

Josh is leaving for Atlanta again this week but this time I get to go see him for a couple day since I have a long holiday weekend myself!!!!   My dad is also coming up to go to an Asheville Tourists baseball game next week!  Next week is going to fun filled!!!  Thanks for reading!  Look out for more yummy and fun ideas from our house to yours!! 


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    1. Thank you! You will have to come over and see it in person sometime!!