Thursday, June 20, 2013

Garden Update!

Hey everyone!  Hope you all had a great Father's Day weekend and that your week has gone good so far!  Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

This week has been very special for Josh and I, 3 years ago we were getting married!!!!  Yesterday was our actual Anniversary!!!!  So happy end of 3rd beginning of year 4 to my wonderful, loving and supportive husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am so blessed to have found you, I can't wait for the rest of our lives, just hope it doesn't go to fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week I wanted to show the progress of the GIANT garden that Josh and I planted.  My very first post I showed you a picture of it and I look back and everything was tiny!  Like really really tiny!!  Josh and I check on it just about everyday and it seems like things grow daily!  So far the garden hasn't been to much work, you do have to keep up with the weeds and water and fertilize but it isn't that bad...  except bugs... and by this I mean Colorado Potato Bugs...  they are and will forever be the death of my potatoes.

Little tip, just don't plant potatoes, we tried and tried to get rid of these guys, but one day we came home and I guess all their eggs hatched and they had eaten like 80% of the plants!  Oh did I mention they are resistant to a lot of pesticides and the more you use the more they get used to it!!  I was extremely disappointed.  So we did our research and the only real way to get rid of them is to remove them, so we set out to remove the entire plant, bug and all, and put them in our giant trash can so they could die out.  We found a couple on our Tomato plants which they also like (heads up), so to us tomatoes trump potatoes! If you do have them you have to pick them off make sure there are no eggs and kill them don't just flick them off they just come right back...  I learned from experience.  The little red guys are what I had they are the larva that eat the plants the stripped guy he is the adult version and you wont see many of them, once fed they bury themselves into the ground.  So, lesson learned, potatoes are cheap no need to grow them ever again!  I did however get about 30 pounds of new potatoes to eat and they are really good, so there was positive in all this!!!  Luckily you can freeze them or we would be eating potatoes for every meal for about a month or so!!!  So about 25-30 meals portions for us which is pretty good I think!!!!

Besides that everything else has grown like ten times bigger than it was to begin with!  The before picture was taking Memorial Day weekend and the after picture was taking last night, so in four weeks this is what it looks like!!


As you can see we have added climbing posts for the beans and peas, and everything that I had planted by seed that was just poking through is giant, at least to me, it still has a good ways to go!   So I took some close ups of everything but the cucumbers...  somehow I missed them!  But I thought I would share them with you guys!!  As of today, I have about 20 baby tomatoes, six baby green peppers ( I planted red & yellow too) and what seems like hundreds of blooms of cucumbers, yellow squash and zucchini!  My onions are just about ready to be dried and stored just waiting for them to be fully brown and fall over, the beets are getting big you can see them if you get really really close and my carrots are about half an inch thick!!!
Enjoy the pictures!! 

Onions, Beets & Carrots! 
Squash & Zuchinni
(I have 2 rows!)


Beans & Peas

Corn (I have 2 rows!)

This is the best shot that I could get of my baby peppers, not so small any more, this one is almost the size of my fist so in about a week I will have a fresh green pepper!!!  Some of the tomatoes are about golf ball size so they have a couple weeks to go!  I am super excited about all these fresh veggies!!  

Thanks again for reading!! Josh is traveling out of town tomorrow so you can probably guess what my next  project is!!!! Yes painting!  Two rooms this time!  Also, going to be spending some quality time with my wonderful Niece and Nephew!  Can you say party while the parents are out!!  Yeah like a veggie tales party they are 4 and 6!  But I love them to death!!!!  So much fun!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!  Please feel free to give me any garden advice!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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